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Monthly Gatherings

We just wanted to say thank you to all of our members for bearing with us as we navigate scheduling and sometimes rescheduling our monthly gatherings. Our February Gathering with Amy Whorf McGuiggan has been moved from being 100% in person, to 100% virtual, to a Hybrid event. If you have already reserved tickets you have the choice to see the lecture in person at the E. Bridgewater Library or on Zoom. We are trying to remain inclusive to all of our members who are still choosing to stay home due to Covid concerns, and others who are more comfortable with an in-person event.

We are running this entire organization with only four volunteers and we are doing the best that we can on very limited help. With that being said, if you have skills that you could contribute or are interested in making PCGI prosper, please contact us. We meet once monthly by Zoom for a board meeting and throughout the month we plan the newsletter, reach out to potential speakers, brainstorm fundraising ideas, all through email communication.

Open positions on our board are president, vice president, secretary and archivist. It is imperative that we get new board members or this organization may cease to exist in the future. Please consider volunteering your time so PCGI can continue with their mission.

Early 20th century photo of a girl's basketball team
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