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May Gathering

Are you trying to locale you French-Canadian ancestors and running into brick walls? Between name changes in the US and not understanding French, it can be daunting, French-Canadian Genealogy: Getting Started will give you the tools you need to overcome these obstacles.

We will look at finding your French-Canadian ancestors if you know their origin in Quebec and if you don't. We will cover all kinds of name changes: dit names, variations, translated names, anglicized names, and first names. Find out how Daignealt became Lapris. With numerous examples, we will revie records in French and show how technology can help you understand them.

We will explore the concept of survivance in French-Canadian culture, why they emigrated to the US, and how French-Canadian immigration was fundamentally diferent from European immigration. Quebec records, a veritable goldmine for genealogists, are introduced and illustrated. Get started with your French-Canadian genealogy and, who knows, you may trace your family back to France.

Margaret Rose Fortier, CG, named for her grandmothers, is a Boston-based genealogist who researches immigrant ancestors, focusing on those with Frenc-Canadian, Italian, and Portuguese roots. She serves on the board of the Association of Proffessional Genealogists. She is eternally grateful that her husband's French-Canadian Furkey ancestors changed their name to Fortier.

This lecture is FREE for members and registration can be completed by visiting the events tab on the website. A zoom link will be sent to you upon registration.

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