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New England Regional Genealogical Consortium

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What is NERGC?


"The New England Regional Genealogical Consortium is an association made up of various genealogical societies with a common goal of bringing "affordable, cutting edge, national-quality genealogical education within the reach of New England genealogists and family historians at an affordable regional price."

Incorporated in 2006 in the state of Connecticut as a non-profit educational organization, NERGC outlined itself as having the following objectives in terms of education and genealogy:


  • To promote an interest in genealogy,

  • To promote skills and a level of expertise of genealogists through sponsorship of educational conferences and other periodic educational activities as the Board may determine,

  • To promote harmony and cooperation among genealogical societies,

  • To promote adherence to accepted standards for the use and care of genealogical records.

NERGC holds a large genealogically-related conference every two years in New England, in which various genealogical societies throughout the region take part. Conference years always fall on odd-numbered years.



How Is PCGI Involved? Can I Get Involved?

PCGI is a member society of NERGC. Gloria Weinrebe is our NERGC Delegate; she goes to the NERGC Board Meetings to get the latest updates. PCGI is committed to have volunteers at the Conference, as we have done in the past. 

​Presently, a minimum of 25 hours must be met by all organizations involved. We encourage you to get involved and volunteer your time. Volunteering isn't an all-day affair nor is it a long-term commitment.  If you choose to volunteer for just a few hours for one day, that is perfectly fine! Often times, members who volunteer carpool with one another given the distance to and from the designated location. If you are interested in volunteering, please speak to Gloria or one of the board members or sign up below.

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